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  Updated November 3, 2006                          

These UPB files do not allow printing or editing. The files are provided on this site for your convenience only and do not represent a requirement or recommendation for any purchasing decision by the US Army Corps of Engineers. EuroJOC software is entirely owned and supported by CorVet Systems, Inc., a private venture unrelated to any government entity. EuroJOC software is available for purchase by contacting: sales

The below files represent the new unit price book data used in JOC contracts awarded by the USArmy Corps of Engineers after February 2006.

  - Download English UPB file in PDF format 3 meg      
  - Download English/German UPB file in PDF format 4 meg      
  - Download German UPB file in PDF format 3 meg      

All of the above PDF Files have a built in table of contents. To access click on the 'bookmarks' tab on the left edge. Select the UPB division you wish to jump to by clicking on the bookmark.

Download EuroJOC-2K6 Software - User Name & Password Required to Access

Some of the Improvements Include:

  • Installs and Works with both Old and the New 2005 German unit price books
  • User Programmable Dynamic Assemblies Added to Estimate Form.
  • Previous Files Used List added to Main Form's Menu System.
  • Added Ability to Export Excel Spreadsheet Formatted Data.
  • New Report Selection Allowing All Title Level Descriptions to be Printed.
  • Labor Burden Cost Column & Calculation Methods Added. Reports Revised. Updated Comparison Routine.
  • Added Crew, Unit and Total Man-hour Columns to Estimate. Reports Revised.
  • Added Total OH&P Column Capability.
  • City Cost Index (CCI) Capability has been Improved and City List Added to UPBs.
  • Improved UPB Item Printout for Germany & Italy Books. USA Books are prevented from printing by license.
  • New capability for re-pricing UPB based on User Input Labor and Equipment Rates.
  • Added Calculation Abort (Escape Key) Capabilities to Methods Requiring Long Time Periods.
  • Added Ft-Inch-Fraction Capability to Conversion/Formula Form and the Assembly User Grids.
  • UPB Unit Pricing Can Now be of Higher Precision for Foreign Currency Conversions.
  • Fixed All User Reported Problems and Implemented Many User Suggestions
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